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Express Project: Website Design


Silk Agency is a newly founded PR and Management Agency located in moody Oslo. The people at Silk are our friends, and when they were in need of an express project – we happily took on the challenge.  Their previous website didn’t clearly communicate who they were, and with their sudden rapid growth they ultimately couldn’t spare the time to dive into the task themselves. 

We wanted their new website to clearly reflect who they are as people and as a brand, which is sharp, intellectual, hard working, loyal and perceptive(we might be biased here but that doesn’t mean it’s not true). 

For this project we wanted to create a simple yet powerful statement. Black is most regarded for its very functional design aesthetic. It’s often used in situations where high-contrast and legibility are the most important factors. It automatically gives off an authoritative as well as capable premonition, all the while setting both a bold and modern tone. 

The color black also serve as a grounding neutral for the elements on the page. The typeface Roboto allows the letters to take up as much space as it needs and ultimately, making for an improved experience for the reader.