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Orenda is a brand Inspired by the magical and cosmic opportunities in this world, committed to exploring both new & classic concepts in jewellery while upholding traditions collaborating with skilful artisans to create timeless pieces. Their mission is to create pieces allowing its wearer to communicate their identities and beliefs. They aim to

celebrate real people and meet them where they are. Being a true believer of nature and the powers within it, they are committed to quality. Not only for the jewellery created, but for the conditions in which they are produced. Every piece is carefully & fervently handcrafted, using only ethically sourced gems and materials.

I could not have been happier with Storm+Storm !! There is so much that lies behind the creation of a brand, from start to finish. S+S has helped / helps me to brand my entire brand, and they have shown that the aesthetics of a branding is not the most important thing. The creativity, thinking and willingness to do something out of the ordinary is what caught my attention. And the amount of research and work they have put into this project is worth every penny! It is a brilliant agency with unpredictable ideas and thoughts. Really so happy that I work with just them. The values ​​behind this agency are also something that was / is important to me. Thank you so much S+S !!”