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Where and how you invest your time has the power to change the world.

Since 2005, InterBridge has taken affirmative action both through and for youth – on a mission towards building a more inclusive & sustainable society, delivering value and return for everyone involved. With the interest of more ethical practices on a rapid rise, InterBridge recognised the need to re-imagine their brand identity in order to  require a leadership position. They were seeking an identity which could communicate that you don’t need to compromise beliefs for results and show that people and planet can be better off through smart and sustainable choices, based off valuable intergenerational insight. We wanted this purpose-driven brand to demonstrate capability, as well as build connection and confidence. It has been our most challenging project yet and an absolute pleasure & privilege to work on.  

Our strategy was simple. Create a brand identity which opens people’s eyes to a better world. We created an impactful brand language filled with positivity and inclusivity that could speak to all audiences from individuals to advisors, employers, institutions and shareholders, millennials to baby boomers, across all products and services. 

The new InterBridge logo, inspired by a dynamic and bold shape representative of their role as a change agent and active force.  Combined with a vivid colour palette, striking illustrations, diverse and motivating tone of voice; these elements work together to achieve powerful brand story. Balancing this vitality is a linear framework and a pared back and considered typographic and iconographic approach. The mix of the adaptable window system, typefaces and icons bringing clarity and credibility to InterBridge´s purpose, principles, products and performance. 

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“We’ve been working with Storm+Storm for over a year, and we could not have been happier. Their work on our website and all heir efforts for our digital marketing has made a significant difference to our business and we greatly appreciate their eye for detail as well as their creativity. They have really taken the time to get to know us, our brand and our vision, and has therefore earned our full trust. We have received a very close follow-up, and we have felt taken care of on day 1. We can highly recommend Julie and her team.”