This is more than just what we do or how we do it. This is our heart and soul; thoughtfully crafting brand experiences that delight users and strategically shaping creative solutions that elevate brands. It’s our passion. It’s what drives us every single day.






There is no secret that we absolutely love what we do. Even though we are still a small company, we want our culture and values to be clear. All companies are essentially built upon its employees – therefore we need our people to feel seen and heard, as well as have opportunities to grow.  Because at the end of the day our beliefs make up the foundation of everything we do. We want to create a culture of passion, because we firmly believe a business’s mission goes deeper than revenue. Our corporate mission is built upon hiring like minded people so we can reinforce the importance of what we do and foster a sustainable work place. 

One of our most important goals is to prioritize individual development. Both professional and personal development are major factors contributing to an individual’s success. We know from experience that if you support your employees’ passions, they will be more engaged and motivated at work and life in general. 




Creativity is a practice just like any other – which is why we offer time allowance for creative experiments so that we can dare to create new, dare to innovate, experiment, and challenge ourselves to grow.

 Diversity and inclusion are priorities. We strive for a culture that embodies diversity inside and out. We welcome all as long as we see talent, potential and passion. 

We’re constantly adapting and evolving. Change is how we grow and improve. We stay at the forefront of a rapidly advancing field by encouraging both team-member and clients to take risks and step out of their comfort zones in the ways that matter.

We meet all people where they are, starting there, without judgement, to bring them to where they aim to get and where they are able to get to. 

We will always be intentional about having open conversations about information regarding the company and the internal and external factors that affect its health. We believe If leaders are transparent with their direct reports, open conversations will flow through the organization.


We are currently looking for freelancers to join our team! Let’s meet for a coffee(our treat) and talk about the opportunities we might have.

Mark your email subject with “Freelance Opportunity”.

Based outside Norway? No problem, we don’t discriminate due to international boarders. 

Did you know

We’re an official One Tree Planted Business partner. This means that we donate to their amazing organisation for every project we complete. We are currently donating $5 in hopes of being able to increase it as we grow ourselves.