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what we do 

Storm is an Oslo based Creative Agency passionate about designing Beautiful and compelling Brands With a Story. We specialise in creating &  building memorable, performance-driven brands in the digital space- and help you establish your voice by pushing visuals into simple and memorable experiences. We work incredibly hard to pin down & carve out every clients true purpose. Why? Because Purpose inspires great teams, generates efficiency, facilitates change, summons talent, increases profitability & wins customers. Simply put, it allows your brand not only to survive but thrive. 



brand identity 

logo design

brand voice


print production

art direction

Website design 

Website development 


Product photography 

Strategy & Consulting

organic and paid Advertising 

social media strategy

work with us

We love working with passionate and driven people. Whether you’re in need of a new brand identity, repositioning yourself in the marketplace or just looking for advice and want to implement on your own – Please contact us for a free consultation call. If we feel we’re a good match and can provide you with the help you need, we’ll gladly send you a proposal. 


Calling All Purpose Seekers! 

Artists, allocators, specialists, generalists, storymakers, collaborators, introverted exroverts, extroverted introverts, caregivers, clear hearts, brimming brains, those who thrive in discomfort, deal in complexities, embrace ambiguity, 

Send us your portfolio and we’ll see what opportunities lie ahead!